a grunge driven mystery...
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Welcome to GeneratorFilms!  Our mission: producing films with universal appeal, artistic merit and high entertainment value.  Our current project is a spirited drama with suspense, humor, romance and great music... "Rearview Mirror".



An almost famos grunge musician, haunted by his past returns to his hometown and discovers the dark secrets surrounding his mom's hit and run death and father's disappearance soon after. "Rearview Mirror" is a 
rock n roll road movie with drama, mystery and romance 
and contains the right amount of humor while holding its ground and retaining its seriousness.

Synopsis: Jake Hart plays guitar for the popular band, Johnny Splitz in Seattle at the dawn on the grunge explosion. Thirteen years earlier his childhood was turned upside down when his mother was killed in a hit and run while he performed a dangerous bicycle stunt. His father (a guitarist for the Northwest '60's garage band, The Sonics) disappears soon after. Cut to present day, 1990 – Jake's band brakes up as his life unravels and the dead-line phone calls from his rural hometown continue. He heads back to his hometown deep in the sticks for the first time in years searching for answers and closure. Jake puts his life on the line for the truth and sends himself and new friends through an action-packed,  life-illuminating experience. 

We are considering all avenues of production. Please contact us for further details and to request the script and a detailed production package.   
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